3 Easy Steps You Can Take to Learn How to Paint

You don’t have to be the most talented person to paint. In today’s world, there are so many ways to paint, from modern art to caricatures and even abstract painting.

Remember, the greatest painters of all time had skills, of course, but they couldn’t reach that level of expertise without practicing.

Even if you’re a novice painter, with practice and dedication, you may become one of the greats.

1. Know Your Materials

There are different kinds of paint, brushes, canvasses and tools that come into play when creating a painting. You must realize that painting isn’t just about what you make, but also what you use. All painting lessons start with the usage of different materials, so get familiar with all the items you plan to use for your painting.

2. Color Theory

There’s such a thing as color pallets. Painters know how to use the right combinations of paint when creating a masterpiece. You can’t just get random colors and mix them together to create a painting. Painting is a well-thought process that needs you to get your act together. There are many websites dedicated to color pallets, so you should check them out if you need to!

3. Painting Layers

This is the part where you think of your painting as a cake. Artists don’t just use specific colors for the parts of the piece, but they blend colors to get their desired shade. This entails countless hours of adding layers to your canvas. Da Vinci used a technique called “sfumato” where he created a smoky effect using multiple layers of paint. This technique was so difficult that he left this world with so many unfinished paintings, but with the iconic Mona Lisa to make up for them. This doesn’t mean that you should learn Da Vinci’s technique. It just means you should utilize your style of layering to create your painting because it’ll spell the difference between a forgettable piece of work and an iconic masterpiece.

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