How Artists Grow Their Business With The Internet

Gone are the days when the avenues for promoting a business are limited to a physical store or advertisements on TV, radio, and print. Pop stars and other celebrities nowadays take advantage of the social media through platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook to boost the number of their followers. We can even hear or read about ‘sensations’ who become famous simply by going ‘viral’ online. A few posts later, the whole world knows about their brands, from make-up to clothes and apparel, to anything big companies pay them to endorse.

While this is true, visual artists also have a list of tricks up their sleeves to gain strength or optimize their popularity in the art industry through the World Wide Web. Hence, if you are a photographer or a graphic designer who wants to increase your customer or fan base, you better read this article from start to finish.

1. Online Portfolio

Almost everyone run to the internet to search for something these days. With this in mind, any artist can showcase his collection to the public by creating an online presence.

A graphic artist would find it relatively easy to upload sample works to a gallery, while a photographer or painter needs to take quality shots of their masterpieces before posting them online. Some choose to create videos to gain popularity such as their tips and tricks on how they do great pieces of art. Having an online portfolio is similar to having a private museum which also brings a sense of self-gratification to the artist.

2. Having A Well-Designed Website or Page

An artist or any business entrepreneur can build up his credibility online through a personalized website that shows his products or services are accessible to everyone. Content management platforms such as WordPress, and social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest are useful to reach larger audiences.

WordPress, for instance, is an excellent base to start with, considering its user-friendly interface, an integrated market software, and free templates to match almost any genre. Any artist can create a simple yet ‘stylized’ page that promotes his products and services. Like social media sites, setting up a personal blog or website creates an interactive place for comments and exposure.

3. Optimize Your Services Online

Technology allows artists who have established websites to use call-to-action buttons to optimize their page and posts regarding the products and services they offer. Online applications make it easy for the artists to create buttons or forms encouraging people to sign up, contact them, buy now, etc. Some even place captions on their posts inviting readers to share or to subscribe.

Artisans can also build site traffic by posting their personal backlinks to social media sites, which additionally creates an avenue where they can inform customers or fans about special promotions and any updates on their offered services. Producers and indie artists alike also make use of our favorite online shopping websites such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy to sell their works of art.

4. Email Marketing

Some artists today keep their subscribers updated through newsletters via email. This marketing strategy is both inexpensive and a powerful tool for promoting products, announcing appearances, or creating brand awareness.

That concludes my list of tips on how any artist or anyone can use the Internet as a tool for cost-efficient marketing. Well, if you have the talent, flaunt it!

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